Monday, July 9, 2012

Nigerian Online Payment Solution

My Naija people, this is the solution that takes care of our online transaction needs.

It's called Graphcard. This product has been helping a lot of Nigerians to do legitimate business transactions online since 2004.

So you ask yourself, what can it do for me?

Graphcard acts as a means of payment for 1/3 (250 million) internet users in over 260 countries who don't have access to traditional credit cards. The market is projected to be one third of the world's 750 million internet users.
Graphcard enables Internet users to spend cash online. At least a third of Internet users around the world do not have access to the traditional credit cards to pay with. Also those who have credit cards but prefer to pay by cash can do so securely online.

Again, you ask yourself how does graphcard affect consumers?

The answer is simple:

Graphcard services lies "behind the merchant's buy button," the conversion of physical cash to electronic cash paid to merchants. This involves consumers funding their Graphcard account first before initiating payments to merchants
Below is a general summarization of the benefits of using this product which includes, but not limited to those listed below:

The Advantages of graphcard

1. Get prepaid card (debit card)

2. Shop online anonymously without a credit/debit card

3. Get a dedicated US address (virtual office)

4. Get a dedicated US phone number

5. Enables you to sell your goods/services online as a merchant/vendor

6. Enables you to receive payments securely for goods and services when you register as a vendor/merchant on the site.

7. Earn cash when you refer family and friends to use graphcard's services

8. Family and friends abroad can send you money via your graphcard account and you can withdraw it directly into your savings bank account here in Nigeria in naira or as dollars into your domiciliary account.

9. It's very easy and simple to open and own a graphcard account. Above all, it's FREE to create an account.

10. You can have both a personal account and a merchant account (if you decide to sell your goods/services on the site).

11. You can fund your graphcard account which is in dollars with Naira!

Now you ask me, how do I start using this product? It's quite simple actually, just:

1. Log onto the graphcard site.

2. Register for a personal or merchant account as per your need. Just follow through the easy registration process. After your account is created, you will be sent a confirmation email.

Please note also that you will automatically be registered with graphcard's Nigerian partners called VTN (Virtual Terminal Network). You will get an email notification from them as well. Log in to the VTN site with the temporary password and pin number that was generated for you and change your password and pin and also complete the registration process for that site. This is the home based e-commerce site here in Nigeria through which you can fund your graphcard.

This is how it works; you also will create a VTN account, load your VTN account with naira. Then log into your graphcard account and click on the add funds button. It will bring you to a page where you are asked if you are a Nigerian, click on the VTN button. Once you click on the VTN button, you will be asked to enter the amount in naira that you want to transfer to your Graphcard account. Follow the simple process and your naira is converted to dollars just like that. No long story.
You now have dollars in your Graphcard account to shop/transact business online with.

Cheers to your new found freedom online.

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